Vitamin B12 Injection Dosage

If your health care provider has recommended you get regular Vitamin B12 injections, you are probably wondering what the dosage should be. Your MD will base the injection dosage on your body mass as well as on what the B12 injection is meant for. It is common for people who have been diagnosed with pernicious anemia to go on a regimen of Vitamin B12 injections. Pernicious anemia occurs when the B12 vitamin is not absorbed properly from the intestines.

Those on a vegetarian diet sometimes need Vitamin B12 injections as well. The B12 vitamin also assists the body in producing protein and helps with metabolism, and some studies suggest it helps repair damaged nerve cells.

What Can A Vitamin B12 Injection Do For Me?

Most people receive the Vitamin B12 injection dosage intramuscularly. The injection is given quickly in the arm, and when done correctly there should be very little pain or discomfort. Folks who have regular B12 injections might notice increased energy and better sleeping patterns. The B12 vitamin also helps strengthen their immune systems. This means they might experience less colds and flus.

Many people who experience mild depression also note marked improvement in mood once they begin Vitamin B12 injection dosage shots. Some entertainers and athletes who are otherwise healthy also regularly use Vitamin B12 injections to help them keep up with their demanding schedules. While not a wonder drug, Vitamin B12 still offers many benefits and advantages to those who receive the injections on a regular basis.

How Do I Administer The Correct Vitamin B12 Dosage

Some individuals learn how to do the Vitamin B12 dosage injection themselves. This can save time and money, especially for someone who is otherwise healthy and only wants to experience the energy and mood boosting properties of Vitamin B12. A dosage of 1-2mg daily is usually injected in the preferred arm. The syringe needs to be sterile and a person should use antibacterial soap to wash his or her hands before administering the shot.

Most people who choose to inject Vitamin B12 themselves learn how to do so at their doctor’s office. They sometimes practice on oranges before they self-inject for the first time. It usually only takes one or two times before a person is comfortable doing it on his own.

How Is Vitamin B12 Dosage Measured

The dosage is measured inside the syringe. Syringes have easy to read measurements imprinted on them. An individual uses the dosage amount recommended by his or her primary care physician. If a Vitamin B12 dosage is missed, it is not recommended to take two doses at the same time. An individual who has missed a dosage of Vitamin B12 should contact their doctor’s office for instructions.

What If I Take Too Much

A person should never take more Vitamin B12 injection dosage than what was prescribed. If more is taken, side effects can occur. These side effects include sweating, red skin, chest pain and itching or rash. If any of this happens after someone has taken a Vitamin B12 injection, they should immediately seek medical attention.

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